G&R Farms named International Business of the Year

G&R Farms was presented the 2018 International Business of the Year award by the Glennville Chamber of Commerce. Accepting the award for the Glennville company was Pam Dasher and Kelby Werner, Operations Manager for G&R Farms.

G&R Farms was started in 1945 by the father of Gerald and Robert Dasher, who began with two acres. It has now expanded to more than 1500 represented acres for G&R Farms. This company was the first to sell sweet onions to a major retail chain back in 1970 and also one of the first in the industry to utilize Controlled Atmosphere Storage.

Today, G&R Farms continues to be the oldest grower, packer, and shipper in the Vidalia sweet onion business. The company has developed into an international grower, packer, exporter, and importer of sweet onions from multiple countries, and G&R Farms named International Business of the Year staff are located not only in their headquarters of Glennville but also in Florida, Peru, and Colombia.

One of their blessings in the marketing area was the selection by Delta Airlines as their worldwide sweet onion supplier, which was first featured in Delta’s Sky Magazine and on board menus in 2016. Also, in 2015, G&R Farms entered into a contract with the National FFA (Future Farmers of America), which has allowed G&R to generate monies nationwide for young farmerspursuing their dreams in agriculture.

Robert Dasher was honored as the 2010 Georgia Farmer of the Year, followed by the elite recognition as the Southeastern Farmer of the Year out of the ten states considered. Robert donated his winnings of $17,500 to the Friends of the Glennwanis Hotel for the hotel’s restoration fund. G&R Farms has been a partner in the community in many ways, supporting numerous events and activities, including the Glennville Chamber of Commerce’s annual Celebration of the Season.

Gerald Dasher is deceased but his son, Walt, continues to manage the business with Robert. Robert’s son, Blake, is active in the forestry division of the company, and Pam, Walt’s mother, was active for many years in the business.